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Discover Apps Delivering -

  • State-of-the-art business processes
  • Cost-effective practice
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Better communication
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer
  • Increased client satisfaction and outcomes is powered by the Treonic platform and Knowledge Wizard - all online, simply accessed through your IE web browser.

The Knowledge Wizard's unique design environment is unparalleled in its rich functionality. The wizard removes the need for computer programmers. You can design and share your own web applications simply through your IE web browser.

The types of applications you can design are driven by your imagination. For example:

  • Evaluation of business processes
  • Professional improvement
  • Research (incl. randomisation engine and audit trail)
  • Surveys
  • Knowledge management
  • Client education and training
  • Role coordination across organisation(s) - How it works

We provide a centralised infrastructure, a stepwise application design environment, and process to access applications. This extremely flexible approach encourages collaboration, sharing and continuous quality improvement:

  • You can simply use an existing application to instantly improve your business practices.
  • Your community can design its own web application with your own branding, and instantly share it with whoever you want with just a click.
  • You can do any combination of the above at any time

Whichever choice you make the communities will be there to support you, as well as, the team. We have online training in the use of, as well as, training on the Knowledge Wizard and our Reporting Services.

Operationalising your requirements can take as little as 1 hour from creation to sharing your application with your community. The length of time depends on the complexity and the amount of content you have. With the Treonic in-built design step-wise skeleton, you simply build onto the skeleton - no programming required.

You can easily maintain and update your application with no IT risks or reliance on consultants to keep your application up-to-date with your changing needs. means your community keeps all the knowledge about your application to ensure its sustainability and relevance to your community.