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Improving You

  1. What does this mean?
  2. Definition of You and MyFocus

Our knowledge machine not only has state-of-the-art quality improvement processes built into it, but it also focuses on who you are and who you relate to. From this perspective, you can be a client, or you can be someone managing a client. "Improving You" is's focus on you as a client.

As a client you can be involved in:

  • Self-improvement programs
  • Education and training
  • Certification processes
  • Institutional research or wellness activities
  • Organisational risk management

Improving You provides the decision support, evaluation tools, communication and reporting processes to maximise your benefits, your organisations benefits, and your community's support.

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The definition of You in is that the process being engaged in focuses on you and your improvement.

You may or may not have clients yourself. understands your relationship in each of the professional-client engagements you undertake, and it behaves accordingly - either treating you as a client or as someone managing a client.

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