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Our enterprise-level web services infrastructure is called Treonic. It's accessed on the Internet via your IE web browser.

There are seven main components:

If your interested in using an existing application then you simply login, join or start a community, and get started.

If you want to design or modify an application then DiscoverQucik's Treonic infrastructure provides the fastest way for designing and deploying enterprise applications.

Unlike downloaded products and other online services that are built for IT developers to use, creating a web application using the Treonic infrastructure is completely free of IT developers and knowledge engineers - and yet the quality and functionality of our applications are the same and often better than one built by an IT professional - we achieve this enterprise level quality by harnessing the IT functionality in our Knowledge Machine.

The step-wise skeleton underpinning the Knowledge Machine drives the Knowledge Wizard (user design environment), allowing you to do real-time designing and deployment - just enter your content and you can have an application up and running ready to be accessed by your community.

The time to design and deploy an application is purely down to your workflow requirements, and the amount of content you have. Furthermore, once deployed you can simply update the content and design - reflecting the real-time philosophy of