Partnership maximises innovation



Whenever technology is involved, especially technology using the Internet, there needs to be partnerships.

Our mission is to provide you with the best platform and knowledge machine to support you in achieving your aspirations - whether to automate your business processes, or to implement quality improvement and evaluation models, or to develop novel approaches to your professional practice.

This means the type of partnership we have will depend on you. It can be a license agreement with:

We aim to have a partnership that best suits you and your needs.


We understand users' frustrations associated with software product licenses - your organisation never has enough licenses for everyone, and those that have licenses never feel they are getting the maximum benefit out of the license costs.

Our approach is one of inclusion and pay as you go - making your license the best and most cost-effective it can be for you.

The above detail may vary according to the type of license you have with us.

To find out more simply get a login and join an existing community, start your own community, use our free applications or contact us to tailor a solution that meets your needs.

Note that, unless stated otherwise, any agreement with Treonic Pty Ltd does not create or provide evidence of a formal partnership or joint venture.