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Running healthcare outcome eveluation made easy.

Discovering DiscoverQuick

DiscoverQuick is an adaptable, extensible healthcare-evaluation cloud-based platform that supports clinical research, clinical practices and healthcare management for all clinical specialties.

Through the use of this highly secure and intelligent platform, you can effectively build your applications and databases to suit your ever-evolving clinical evaluation and healthcare management needs.

DiscoverQuick Features

DiscoverQuick in Healthcare

In a market that strives for the best patient outcomes with the least healthcare expenditure, DiscoverQuick is leading the way. For example, case studies in the hospital setting indicate that by using DiscoverQuick a single hospital may save over $6million per year, while producing a 2 to 3 fold improvement in patient outcomes.

    DiscoverQuick Value
    Typical Outcome
    More efficient workforce
    30-60% increase in efficiency
    Better patient outcomes
    2 to 3 fold improvement
    Better deicsion making
    More consistent and accurate
    Peer acceptance
    Publication and Guideline development
    70-80% reduction in system support resources required
    $ Savings
    Estimated $6m (AUD) saving per year in a hospital

Professional community building for global solutions

You're able to invite whoever you want to join your community.

You're able to share your designs with your community to continuously improve your professional and client outcomes.

Our extremely flexible security policy allows each member's login to be tailored in terms of access, content and application behaviour.

Giving you answers in real time

You're able to securely design, analyse and share MS Excel workbook reports online anytime using real time data from your application.

You're able to export data into MS Excel in real time for further analysis.

Putting information where its needed to support decision making wherever you are

You're able to share your multimedia content as part of our online approach.

You're able to place content where you want it to enrich your community's experience and access to information - whether delivered by written materials, video or slide presentations.

Empowering discovery through scientific methods

You're able to scientifically evaluate your practice processes and client outcomes, significantly contributing to your community's knowledge base.

Our unique Knowledge Machine allows you to adapt your research needs over time, seamlessly mastering diversity and change in your needs.

Total approach to professional and client education and training

Do all your training and education.

You can do certification courses in designing.

You can implement your own education or training for your professional community.

You can implement your own education or training to improve your clients' skills and self management.

The page has been moved. To be redirected to DiscoverQuick's new website, please click