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About Us is the public web address for the Treonic Group. Treonic Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company dedicated to the advancement of societies through continuous quality improvement and technology. To this end, Treonic Pty Ltd has established itself as a leader in methods and online technology to support people and organisations in delivering best practice.

In 2007, the Treonic Group purchased the PHT system as the backbone to its platform. Our online technology provides the foundation for building quality improvement solutions. Our "on demand" approach means technology is used where and when its needed - letting people drive its use rather than technology driving people.

Technology, however, is not enough. We believe partnerships are the key to advancing people, organisations and societies. With this in mind, Treonic Pty Ltd offers a suite of methods and tools, as well as, its communities of world leaders. Such a model opens up an enormous number of possibilities, opportunities and benefits that are only limited by your imagination.

The power of networks, as seen by the current online social networking phenomena, underpins our partnerships and innovations. We've developed a model supported by online technology that encourages networking and sharing with the view to better outcomes for all.

Treonic Pty Ltd leads by example. We understand the importance of evidence, we participate in generating evidence about best practice, we appreciate the importance of the workforce and its well-being, and we focus on the client as our source of achievement.

To become part of our ever-growing ecosystem of quality practice and self improvement, its as simply as signing up for the free trial.

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Head Office:
32 Flanagan Street
Garran ACT
Australia 2605
ph: 1300 360 124